Liza Veta was born in Belarus, which she left at age 23. When she decided to devote herself fully to her fashion label, she left a professional career in the finance industry to pursue this dream.


Her graduate studies in Finance brought her to the UK, where she got a Master’s degree in mathematical finance from the University of York, in 2013. She had a few professional experiences in the Financial industry in London. However, she gradually felt more and more compelled to take her passion for fashion to the next level and start her own label.


She has always been into creative activities and beauty. As a little girl, she loved dressing up her dolls with little garments. Her grandmother was inspirational, as she was famous in her hometown for making garments. Growing up in Belarus she always felt frustrated that the standards of fashion available in her country were limited compared with the profusion and variety of styles she would see in foreign countries. At the same time she found that some of the fashion choices made by women in the West didn’t appeal to her, especially when they are too loud and vulgar.


My image of the typical woman wearing Liza Veta is that of a confident, independent and cosmopolitan women, one who is sophisticated and enjoys travelling, going out in town, fine dining and the Arts. My designs are exclusive, and my garments require special care, so my offering is not that of mass retail”, Liza Veta.


Liza launched her Liza Veta Womenswear brand in 2015. Her collections are modest but sophisticated, and highlight women’s curves by using deep powerful colours. The Liza Veta brand is for the modern woman, and combines elements of strength of character with inner feminine elegance.


In July 2018 Liza opened her first clothing store in 54 Hill Street, Richmond, where customers can enjoy relaxing atmosphere and personal attention.