When establishing Liza Veta brand, we went through a process of purpose, position and personality of the brand.

The process is how we want to change the world better. Liza Veta dresses women not only in stylish and elegant but “quality” way. We teach them to buy quality garments for long-term, rather than low-quality clothing for one season. We contribute to our environment and sustainable fashion. Around 95% of our collections, including linings, are made from 100% biodegradable silk, wool and cotton, and are produced and certified in the UK. Soon Liza Veta will be using only organic cotton in all collections. Liza Veta's designs are stylish but classic and are not trendy only one season. We provide long-term solutions to women’s problems.

The brand is positioned for young but mature, and middle age ladies who are financially stable but still care of their spending. They also prefer to buy less quantity but better quality, that is why they pay great attention to the fabrics and manufacturing.

"If Liza Veta brand was a person, it would be me. It wouldn’t accept everything that is available in the market or a cheaper price, very conscientious to the quality and uniqueness, that is why it has steady knowledge of the market and knows exactly what it wants now and in the future", Liza Veta.

The brand theme, logo, interior and exterior design of the shop has a minimalistic theme, with 3 main colours: white, black, woody brown and some gold. The logo is the name of the brand. The letters “V” and “A” are a little sharper and symbolise the ambitions of the brand.


In November 2018, Liza Veta launched Liza Veta Magazine, which is published in 10,000 copies every two months. It covers news about fashion and digital finance. In two years, we are planning to reach 50,000 monthly circulations distributed in the City.



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