About ten years ago I decided to study and then make my career in finance. After graduating from University in Belarus, I moved to the UK and started my Master's degree at the University of York, in the department of Mathematical Finance. It was one of the best times of my life. That place gave me a lot of knowledge, experience and training. After York, I came to London to start my career in finance. I got an internship place as a future trader. That was big fun! Of course, it was hard and often stressful, but apart from that, I enjoyed it a lot. Then I had a few more professional experiences.


Was I ever involved in fashion before? I can say no. Apart from my big love for creating new dresses for my beautiful Barbie friend, Cindy, that I had from age 6. My Barbie friend was the most stylish Barbie. After a year, she had much more clothing than I did! Thanks to her being my inspiring model during my childhood, I started my fashion label now. Someone could wonder why I didn’t start it earlier. I would answer that believe it or not but starting your own business requires a lot of emotional strength, maturity, braveness, preparations, and willingness to take a risk. I got most of these by my 30. 


It took me about 3 years to learn all aspects of design, creation and retail business before I opened my own boutique. While my financial education gave me knowledge in risk calculation, market movements, analysis, my passion and childhood experience gave me the ability to learn design and creativity by myself.


So, I combined it together and made it work! 


In July, 2018 I opened my first boutique in Richmond, UK. Beautiful area with a lot of green parks and river. I discovered that fashion market in Richmond has a lack of unique, fresh, independent designer clothing. I thought that women in Richmond would welcome my boutique, and this is what has happened. I met so many lovely ladies who were looking for something fresh and elegant, and they could find it in my boutique. It is great to see when my clients feel happy!


When I was creating my fashion label, I wanted to contribute to our environment system, encourage women to try more feminine and elegant styles, and not to wear synthetics.


My brand has very high-quality garments so that women can wear them often and for a long time without the need to change their clothing too often. In this case, I contribute in sustainability and cleaner environment. That is why I use biodegradable wool and silk fabrics. In the near future, I will start producing garments from organic cotton instead of a non-organic one. This will give me an opportunity to improve our environment. For women to wear their clothing longer, I have to pay attention to the quality of manufacturing. All hems, stitching and finishing are well made.


All my styles are very feminine, elegant and sophisticated. You can find a perfect outfit for the wedding event, work, and day time activities. In any of those occasions, you will look your most beautiful.


I am a big lover of wool and silk, as well as cotton and linen. When you wear natural fabrics, you feel the difference! It can make you feel warm or cool depending on your body needs. It lets your skin breath.


For me it is important not the first day you purchase the garment, but every single day when you wear it. I want you to feel comfortable every time you put it on. I want you to feel the most beautiful every time you wear Liza Veta.

In 2020 I launched natural beauty products and home decor. Now men and women can enjoy our organic soaps, bath bombs, bath salt, as well as soy and coconut wax scented candles and reed diffusers during their relaxing time!

In the same year I also launched a range of Collectible Interior Dolls - Mini LizaVeta. They are unique and 100% exclusive, as they are handmade and designed in-house.

We keep expanding and improving every year to make sure every client's needs are met on a high level.