Connecting  You  with  Nature

At LIZA VETA we believe when we have a connection to nature we feel much happier, healthier, and perhaps as a result, smarter and more creative.

We have developed a range of 100% natural home and body products for all your life moments.

The shower wash Energises  you in the morning to help you conquer your day.

The room mist helps you Boost Your Mood   when you need to be picked up.

The candles around your bath tub, complimented by a few drops of bath foam creating unforgettable Relaxation  after a busy day.

Or perhaps a bath bombs and a splash of mineral salts before bed to help you into a deep satisfying Sleep .

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Meet Liza Veta, LIZA VETA® Founder

"When I was working in the in financial industry I noticed how dependent we had become on chemicals that surrounded our everyday lives. Skin products, perfumes, clothing, and even our food and in our air were rife with pollutants. It was then, 8 years ago, I decided to initiate changes to our lives and the environment. This is how I started LIZA VETA, the brand that now specialises in only natural fibres and ingredients. Starting with designing womenswear from natural fabrics, the brand expanded to home decor and body aromatherapy in 2020. Retraining as a clinical aromatherapist, I spent months formulating efficient blends from only the purest essential oils.
What's important to me is to relax when anxious, have an energy boost when the day is at its busiest, and fall into a deep sleep after a most stressful day. Our range of quality blends help you achieve these results. Along with my goal to create a luxurious, even delicious, body scent after using our bath products, I hope that after joining LIZA VETA family, you will be pleased with our fully natural range."