Natural Face & Body Care

Liza Veta is an artisan producer of skincare products for bath using only natural ingredients and handmade only here in the UK. To ensure the highest quality and uniqueness of our product, our bars are created from a single in-house source in London, with limited production runs. Developed with great love and care, our soap bars, shower gels, bath foams, liquid soaps, body scrubs, salts and bath bombs can be used for face and body as moisturising, exfoliating or anti-bacterial additions to your skincare.

At Liza Veta we provide only natural and organic skincare products, which is why they are vegan and plant-based only (and free from silicone, paraffin, mineral oil, parabens and synthetic preservatives). Only essential oil scents are used, providing the most relaxed and calming aroma experience for all skin types.

We are conscious about our environment, that’s why our bath products are cruelty-free, fully recyclable and some are biodegradable.

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