Do you know the right swimwear for your body shape? There are the 4 main body shapes: pear, rectangle, hourglass and apple - and every shape is beautiful! However, to bring focus to your best bits and hide disadvantages, we prepared the best bikinis and swimsuits for every shape. PEAR: Avoid busy printed or small bottoms, instead choose solid colour, high waisted bottom. Wear top with ruffles, padding with heavy prints to make your bust look fuller. RECTANGLE: Avoid horizontal or vertical lines, square necklines. Choose one or two-piece swimsuit with padding, ruffles, ties, flowers, sequins. HOURGLASS: If you have this body shape, almost every swimsuit will look good on you. As you have naturally beautiful proportions, try not to lose them so choose top and bottom with the same pattern and colour. APPLE: You should try to increase the appearance of your waist and hips. Wear heavy printed, bright bottom and solid colour top with better support. You can also go for a one-piece swimsuit with a mix of prints.